Katherine’s Bath


Katherine is one of our favorite clients and we did a great bath remodel for her.  She wanted a simple and elegant design on her bath.  The project presented various challenges the biggest of them being space.  The Bath was an addition to the house and presented small space but using lots of white to make the bath seem bigger and adding stone and glass accents the bath come alive.  The finish product seem like a spa and it gave Katherine and David a place to relax and enjoy the morning in their house.


The logo



Our logo are two crescent moons with the letter “Q” inside them.  The letter “Q” represents the last name of the Quintana family.  The crescent moons have three main meanings.  First crescent comes from the Latin crescere “to grow” representing the hope of growing in knowledge as a organization everyday.  There are two of them because as we grow our knowledge as a family we want our business partners to grow and our clients to grow with us.  Finally the colors green and yellow reminds us to respect everything between the sun and the grass.  It helps us reach that balance between creating better things in life but respecting the world that we inherited.

Well now you know the meaning of the logo and a little more of what we want to bring to our communities.